woensdag 25 april 2018

Praise the DS7 Crossback!

The 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival marks our 3rd collaboration with DS Automobiles. It is no wonder that this is an ongoing collaboration, because even though they seem to be from different worlds, FASHIONCLASH and DS Automobiles share the same key values; belief in coherent creations and pushing the limits, but also paying respect to current traditions, craftsmanship and most importantly, the worth of togetherness and the enjoyment of the now - a match made in heaven!

This year, DS Automobiles continues to embody the French know-how and luxury, as well as its avant-garde spirit. This is all represented in the DS7 Crossback - a car that meets the needs of drivers in search for a new automotive experience and unique sensations.

The DS7 Crossback offers a fresh take on modern and metropolitan SUV luxury. The design and interior are meant to reflect the driver’s personality. The five different ‘inspirations’ and choices in interior, have taken their style-cues from Paris. The inspirations reflect the sense of luxury and premium material we have come to associate with the city that is the birth place of DS Automobiles. If fashion provides us with an opportunity to express ourselves, the DS7 Crossback gives us the same chance in driving. While being chic and contemporary, you get your own choice of detail, with a focus on premium materials. 

DS Automobiles is the official car sponsor of the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018. During the festival, you can discover the DS7 Crossback, watching it glide through the streets of Maastricht. Joining the community of car devotees, we praise the DS7 Crossback!

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