zondag 10 mei 2009


FASHIONCLASH is proudly inviting you all to be a part of the first and unique Maastricht fashion week, FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT.
FASHIONCLASH Maastricht shows fashion in its widest perspective.
Young and talented designers from the Netherlands and abroad will show their collections on the catwalk. There is also an exhibition about fashion in the widest sense of word. Different disciplines are presented next to each other, all linked to each other by ‘fashion’.
The spectacular annual fashion show of the fashion/textile department of The Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht is an important part of the schedule.
Within FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT there is a special project called ‘CLASH’ In the CLASH project several artists and designers (all non fashion designers) were invited to translate their vision on fashion into an outfit that will be presented on the catwalk at the opening night and then take part in the exhibition.
If you are curious about the CLASH and the rest of the participants, come to Maastricht!
FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT will take place from 26th June till 5th of July 2009 , at the Timmerfabriek in Maastricht!
We hope to meet you all very soon in Maastricht!
picture by Valentina Vos

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