woensdag 13 juni 2018

My Hair is Divine

‘My Hair is Divine’ by Kelly Derks 

1. Angelic Blonde 

When you’ve dyed your hair blonde you naturally want to enjoy the colour as long as possible. By using BLONDE.ANGEL WASH & BLONDE.ANGEL TREATMENT you will cast out any yellow and keep it from coming back. This wash and treatment contain violet pigments which make sure your blonde locks stay beautifully cool toned. Use these products with every wash when you have a greyish-blonde colour. Are you rocking a more neutral blonde colour? Then only use the BLONDE.ANGEL TREATMENT in combination with, for example, a nourishing shampoo like REPAIR.ME WASH.

2. God is big, but your hair is bigger 

We all want more volume, but how do we get this exactly? After you have washed your hair and towel dried it, start by applying proper styling products, such as ANTI.GRAVITY or the ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY at the root and divide it through the length and ends of your hair. If you’re a ‘big, bigger, biggest’ girl and want volume you have to blow-dry your hair, because you won’t get volume without heat. So, blow-drying is essential in this case. Pro tip: flip your hair upside down and move your hands through your hair to get extra volume! And if you’re really skilled in using a blow-dryer and brush you can also create huge volume with brushes for a glamourous look.

3. My Holy Curls

If you have curly hair, you probably have already tried everything to get the perfect curl. The best moment to comb your hair is in the shower when you’re letting your conditioner do its magic with a wide-tooth comb, because combing your curls when you’ve towel dried them will make them unnecessarily frizzy. The only thing you should do after towel drying them is comb through with your fingers. Apply 1 to 2 pumps of KILLER.CURLS, start in the lengths and end, but don’t forget the roots; this is where the hair is often the frizziest. For the best distribution it is best to twist your hair around your finger. This way you essentially push the product into your hair. Let your hair loose and shake it to let it airdry or blow-dry with a diffuser. Make sure to keep the diffuser still as you blow-dry your hair. Rather airdry it? Don’t touch your hair too much! This causes extra frizz. Use EASY.RIDER to finish it off and get rid of any last fly-aways.

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