zondag 21 maart 2010

CLASH-project 2010 participants

These non-fashion designers are asked to create an outfit that can be showed on the catwalk.
If you're curious about the result come to 'FASHIONCLASH Maastricht', 4-6 June 2010.

1. Jo Meesters NL (product designer)
2. Nicole Michniewski D (artist)
3. Marco Gabrielle Lorusso & Britt Helbig B (architect/graphic designer)
4. Michael Okraj D (graphic designer)
5. Manja Hunger NL (artist)
6. Karel van Laere & Jivan van der Ende NL (theatrical performer)
7. Regina Peldszus & Sascha Mikloweit UK (artist/designer)
8. Dissociate I (product designers)
9. Nanouk Schrader CH (wandering wanderer)
10. Monika Potorska PL (designer)

The CLASH-project is coordinated by Matylda Krzykowski.

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