vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Fashion Procession in the Basilica of Saint Servatius

For those who have missed FASHIONCLASH Fashion Procession on 5h of July, FASHIOCLASH Maastricht 2011 or window display of de Bijenkorf Maastricht, this is your last chance to see the creations of this unique project. Until the 10th of July thirteen selected creations are exhibited in Bergportaal of St. Servaas church in Maastricht. Studio Kernland came up with a very nice concept and the presentations is just beautiful. Go and take a look.

This exhibition is part of the cultural program of Heiligdomsvaart Maastricht 2011.

You can see the creations of these designers/artists in this exhibition: Akaratos, Alexandra Dohmen, Anneke Bloemers, Bernadette van de Braak, Danielle Vroemen, Els Boeren, Ingeborg Meulendijks, Merle Anderson, Marjolijn van de Ven, Nicole Michniewski, Sonja Schödel, Veronica Vartic

Danielle Vroemen

Danielle Vroemen

Veronica Vartic
above: Bernadette van de Braak
under: Merle Anderson
detail: Bernadette van de Braak


Sonja Schödel

Ingeborg Meulendijks

Alexandra Dohmen

Anneke Bloemers

Marjolijn van de Ven

Nicole Michniewski

Els Boeren


pictures by Branko Popovic

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