dinsdag 29 november 2011

FASHIONCLASH Market presents

What can you expect this weekend at FASHIONCLASH Market!

More than 40 designers will be showcasing and selling their work. To give you an impression we present to you these labels: The Furansu, Unique clothing, knits and accessoires by Nina Führer, unique knits by a new concept striKKs, great dresses with unique prints by IXX and MLY by Emily Hermans. For her label MLY, Emily Hermans designs prints and textiles, which makes the clothing very unique.
The designers will be there, so you can get to know them and have a closer look at their unique designs.

The Furansu

Uniques by Nina Führer


MLY by Emily Hermans

IXX Creates
Jolijn Fiddelaers, founder of IXX

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