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FASHIONCLASH at Dutch Week Mauritius
15 - 20 June 2013 in Mauritius

FASHIONCLASH attended Dutch Week in Mauritius last week! FASHIONCLASH has travelled before but never so far away and to such exotic destination as Mauritius.
The three Dutch Tall Ships ‘Tecla’, bark ‘Europa’ and ‘Oosterschelde’ are sailing around the world, wandering the oceans and following the old trade routes of historic times. From 15 – 19 June the ships where berthed near Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis in Mauritius. In connection to the historic visit of the Dutch Tall Ships in Mauritius, a Dutch Week was organized.
FASHIONCLASH has been invited to present one Dutch designer, two models and to invite several journalists. We have selected Dutch designer Tessa Wagenvoort to present her collection in the program of the Fashion & Design Institute fashion event that took place on June 17th. Accompanying Tessa Wagenvoort we have invited two Dutch models Lotte Berkelaar and Danila Pietersz.
Beside the fashion show we have initiated a fashion shoot with the photographer Lonneke van der Palen. For this shoot we have used clothing of Tessa Wagenvoort and from students of the FDI Mauritius. The shoot took place in the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort where we where guests the entire week. This is the most wonderful resort with the kindest team.
Beside the fashion event and the shoot we had the honor to welcome the Dutch Tall Ships and to wave goodbye and fruthermore MTPA has composed a full program for us with various activities and visits around some of the islands highlights.
Looking back to last week it was an unforgettable week and encounter with lovely people we have met in Mauritius. We are now brainstorming about possible collaboration with the Fashion & Design Institute. We hope to go back to this small but magical part of the earth.

Review and impressions from the show:

lovely people

Making of fashion editorial shoot

Impressions from the fashion show

Celebrating the arrival of the Dutch Tall Ships 

thank you for amazing week - ♥ -

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