zaterdag 22 maart 2014

ModaLisboa VISION

FASHIONCLASH was invited again to attend the ModaLisboa VISION edition. During our visit we have concluded our future collaboration with ModaLisboa.
It has been a wonderful and inspiring weekend in Lissabon.

One of our highlights was the Sangue Novo (New Blood), show where 8 young designers showed their latest collections. One of them, Catarina Oliveira will be showing her collections at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014.

See some impressions below

visiting A Vida Portuguesa

Filipe Faisca show

Fashion Tv party

Loja das Conservas

Loja das Conservas

A Vida Portuguesa

A Vida Portuguesa

Catarina Oliveira

Olga Noronha

Nair Xavier


Valentim Quaresma


Lidija Kolovrat

Luis Carvalho

Alexandra Moura

Aleksandar Protic

Nuno Gama

Nuno Gama

Nuno Gama

Nuno Gama

Luis Buchinho

Lukasz Jemiol

Ricardo Preto

Nuno Balthazar

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