dinsdag 19 augustus 2014


fitting the prototypes for the costumes
„In Performance - Building Theater“ 
It's been two week now that we are in Cape Town and time is flying. It has already been exciting time with encounters and 'clashes' and we would have loved it to be able to stay longer.
When we arrived it felt like a trip down memory lane, bringing us back to the roots of FASHIONCLASH. As some may know FASHIONCLASH was initiated after a developing project in Palmeiras township in the Brazilian city Fortaleza. 'FASHIONCLASH Brazil' dates back in 2006/2007 but still remains a source of courage and inspiration to connect people, cultures and artistic disciplines. Ever since Brazil we have been longing to do a project like this again. So here we are in South Africa.
The project in Cape Town is taking place in Langa township, in the Guga 'S Thebe Cultural Centre.
Shortly after our arrival we went to visit the children of the Happy Feet Youth Project in their own neighbourhood and their tiny dance space. This was truly inspiring and touching to be surrounded with so much energy and positive vibes in a place where dreams seems to be far away. The kids also performed for us to show us some of their dances and moves, and sure they can dance! Although Cape Town is a marvellous city with many stunning nature attractions visiting Happy Feet was the highlight so far.
In the following days we managed to do quite a lot, starting with installing of our workspace in Guga 'S Thebe. Furthermore we visited various companies who where so generous to contribute in the project. Show Tex will provide us with fabrics, Cape Town Sewing with sewing machines, Aga with sewing yarns and so on. People are friendly and willing to help. Thanks to all the help and materials we were able to start designing and making prototypes for the costumes and to organize a workshop in the connection to Open Design Festival in the weekend of 16 and 17 of August.
In the meantime we are working on the costumes for the Happy Feet performance during the Fringe Festival in Cape Town in September.

More information about the project: http://www.inperformance.net/

Guga S'Thebe

Thanks for the machines Cape Sewing

search for fabrics

Show Tex provided us with materials

our temporary studio

Happy Feet kids

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