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Foamboy Monsters by Niek Pulles at Comme des Garçons

Designer Niek Pulles installs Foamboy Monsters in Comme des Garçons stores all over the world.
Some of you may remember, the very first Foamboy monster made its debut at FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2011. Niek Pulles was one of the 10 non-fashion designers we invited for our Clash Project. Inspired by material remains of his graduation work 'Architectural Acoustics' in connection to human body Niek created his first Foamboy.

For their seasonal beginning Comme des Garçons asked Dutch design talent Niek Pulles to create 19 ‘Foamboy Monsters' for companies stores.
Originally produced as costumes for dancers and performers at various events including FASHIONCLASH Festival and Tedx. The work finds its influence in the hyperbolic portraits of MC Escher and Oskar Schlemmer’s triadic ballet. Similar to the aforementioned projects, the outfits feature unique, forms that distort the human body as it relates to the space it occupies.
Iindustrial shapes of hexagonal nuts, rigid gears, and round screws have been extruded out of waterjet cut foam to capture shadows, enhance light, and emphasize their depth as they are randomly dispersed around a main emblem placed in the center of the chest. Each of the figures have been decorated in black and grey to complement the label’s color scheme and are posed in a way that contrasts the existing models dressed in the brand’s apparel.
The 19 creations that have resulted from the collaboration are now intertwined with manikins in Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, New York, and the company’s original store located in London’s Dover Street Market.

More information: http://www.heyniek.com/#!/work/foamboy-monsters/

-> Niek Pulles interview in Dutch Vogue

images courtesy Niek Pulles

Foamboy at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2011

Clash Project at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2011

Kyoto and Tokyo


New York

view through the entrance of Comme des Garçons Tokyo storefront


Foamboys in Paris

Comme des Garçons, Paris

Comme des Garçons, Paris

Comme des Garçons, Paris

Dover Street Market Ginza

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