zondag 2 november 2014

ZWYRD at 11th Fashion Week Poland

Last year, FASHIONCLASH had a pleasure to invite young, Polish designer, who just debuted  at the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week. It was first ZWYRD’s collection ever created and ever shown and at once people fell in love in his masculine and nature-inspired designs. Question was, if Grzegorz Marcisz, the owner of ZWYRD, will continue his success with his second collection. And you know what? He did!

Second collection of ZWYRD focuses on the science fiction theme – Grzegorz’s aim was to present his own vision of the future. In case of Marcisz, the theme is not a random words, which are supposed to fill in the catalogue or a press info – the general destruction of the world, pessimistic image of the future is visible in his designs. Grzegorz based his colors and hues on very dark cobalt, metallic silver, greys, black and white. He also included semi-transparent black materials and colorfull prints, which resembled explosion (matching with the theme of destruction).

In case of ZWYRD, it is extremely impressive, that such a young designer (he is actually still a student) creates coherent, mature and interesting collections. The same goes with the shows themselves – barely anyone uses metal/rock music to the fashion-shows. We cross our fingers for ZWYRD and we wish, that this young Polish talent will create many goods for European fashion. 

All images are by Martyna Wasiak

Author: Martyna Wasiak

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