maandag 16 februari 2015

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie with Ebby Port

Few weeks ago we have seen how youngsters from 100% Heerlen and designer Linda Friesen collaborated for MIJNcollectie collection -> see here.
Next designer in line to set up a production process for the project was Ebby Port. Based on Ebby's design, 100% Heerlen was working on production of 10 simplified garments that will be available at MIJNshop in Heerlen from March 6.

Here are some images of the process.

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie is a project in the context of M2015 (Year of the Mines), initiated by SCHUNCK*, FASHIONCLASH and 100% Heerlen and with cooperation with M2015 Foundation. 

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