donderdag 19 maart 2015


We are proud to present COFFEELOVERS as one of our official partners for FASHIONCLASH festival 2015. They have been supporting us since the beginning and we're thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership.

Serving delicious coffees, scrumptious muffins, mouthwatering cakes, and tasty sandwiches Coffeelovers is the place to be for a quick bite or a more comprehensive lunch. Located at several locations in Maastricht city centre it's easily accessible for everybody needing their daily caffeine shot. Pure heaven.
Imagine walking through the city early in the morning before going to the festival, the sun shining brightly in the blue sky, birds whistling gleefully in the air. You decide to sit down at Coffeelovers on Plein 92, to read your paper or check your daily correspondence. You look at the menu but the amount of choice makes you contemplate about what coffee to take. The waitress slowly makes her way towards you. Upon which moment you start lightly panicking as you haven't been able to choose what coffee you should take. A gracious smile lights up the waitress' face, “have you decided yet Sir?”. You shift a little uncomfortably in your seat and reply “As a matter of fact I haven't, what do you suggest?”. The waitress doesn't seem to mind your indecisiveness at all and ardently replies “I would take the Coffeelovers cappuccino Sir”. Coffeelovers cappuccino it is you think to yourself. As the waitress approaches yet again the sun illuminates the terrace behind her. The steamy hot cup of cappuccino gets placed in front you and you revel in the delightful taste. The frothed milk sticking to your lips and the bitter yet sweet taste of ground coffee lingering in your mouth. You feel the caffeine kicking in. What an absolutely wonderful way to start your day.

COFFEELOVERS we love coffee from Caramel on Vimeo.

If you are close to Maastricht city centre I wouldn't think twice about visiting Coffeelovers located in the grand splendour of an old Dominican church. Home to an enchanting book store as well you can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee surrounded by books in this unique location. We advise anybody coming to the festival to at least try something at coffeelovers. It quite simply is the best place to drink coffee in town.

For more information, various locations and menus visit:

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