maandag 26 september 2016

C3:Diversity - Day 1

C3:Diversity project impressions of Day 1 

C3:Diversity is a social design project in which the visions of Made2Measure (Maastricht University), Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD), Forza Fashion House Maastricht (FFH), FASHIONCLASH Festival, London College of Fashion - Official (LCF) and 6 different designers (3 from Maastricht, 3 from London) connect, collaborate and create.
Together with Made2Measure and London College of Fashion a new platform is provided for creativity, knowledge and research. A platform in which fashion is placed in a social context.
The aim if this project is to stimulate the creative industries, to connect Maastricht and London, and to build a lasting relationship with creative minds, entrepreneurs and institutes around the world.

From London: Bella Gonshorovitz, Michelle Muirhead and Carmen Ludwig
From Maastricht: Victoria Sophie Keller, Maarten van Mulken and Ebby Port

More information

C3:Diversity takes place in the context of MCCCI Conference, a two-day event on the cultural and creative industries. The first day, Monday September 26, will have an academic focus and is organised by Made2Measure(Maastricht University) in collaboration with FMA. During this day, young scholars in the field of finance and investment in creative ventures are invited to present their research. The second day, Tuesday September 27th is focused more toward practitioners in the cultural and creative field, artists and students. To make this day distinct during the conference, it has been named ‘Everyone is an Artist’. The organisation of this day is a collaboration between Made2Measure and The Artist and the Others.

Photography: Sem Shayne

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