dinsdag 16 mei 2017


Proud sponsor of FASHIONCLASH Festival since 2015

FASHIONCLASH is honoured to team up for the 3rd time with Gulpener Brewery during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017. A true friend; Tickling our senses, and sharing the love for collaboration, craftsmanship, quality, freedom, traditional values, hospitableness, and of course good beer!

Gulpener is an independent and sustainable Dutch family brewery, located in Gulpen (South Limburg, the Netherlands). Gulpener dates back to 1825 and is known for its long tradition of beer craftsmanship, innovative spirit and rich flavours. They were the first Dutch brewery to introduce several special crafts beers. They now present 16 special beers, some of which have been awarded prestigious prices.

The way WE love fashion, GULPENER loves brewing the most tasteful beers! Gulpener is the only brewery in the Netherlands to use water from its own sources, hop from its own garden and receives its barley locally from farmers who produce eco- and environmentally friendly. As a result, Gulpener is known for a fantastic diversity of flavours and aromas that gives each of their beers its distinctive character.
As an independent family brewery they are free to sail their own course. Free to discover their own taste. Free to do what feels good. They love experimenting with interesting flavours and brewing techniques. Combine this with the fact that they don’t pasteurize their beers, and they use traditional artisanal brewing techniques; a slightly different taste from year-to-year might surprise your taste buds.
True to this year’s theme “Fashion Makes Sense” this affection and freedom – from seasonal and special beers to monastery beers and pilsners - promises to be a multi-sensory experience that can be felt, tasted, smelled, heard, envisioned AND triggers the imagination! Sit, poor, watch, roll, smell, taste and admire. Because, why should only taste have all the fun?

During FASHIONCLASH Festival we will serve the for the 3rd time award winning superior pilsner Gulpener Château Neubourg (Gold Award Dutch Beer Challenge – 2017, Category Blond: Pilsner). Experience a gentle bitterness with an enriched character, a refined combination of fine herbal, mild acidity, floral and fruity flavours and an aromatic barley structure. Suitable presented in a beautiful stylish bottle. You can already taste it, no? Definitely a beer to enjoy exclusively!

PSSSTTT..check their new home ‘Gulpener Brouwlokaal, The perfect place to experiment, experience and taste new beer recipes, flavours and styles. 

South Limburg and the City of Maastricht have a lot to cheer for and can be proud of many local talents and products. Together with Gulpener FASHIONCLASH will put the spotlight on various local designers who will be present at FASHIONCLASH Festival. CHEERS! 

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