maandag 26 maart 2018

Resortecs wins Global Change Award

Vanessa Counaert and Cédric Vanhoeck with the award
On March the 20th, Resortecs has been awarded with its Smart Stitch Innovation. The Co-Founder from Resortecs, Cédric Vanhoeck was a participant at the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017.

The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by the non-profit H&M Foundation. The Global Change Award is one of the world’s biggest challenges for early stage innovation and the first such initiative in the fashion industry. 

Cédric Vanhoeck says about the award: ‘’thanks to this award, we’ll get additional means to evolve our first working prototype to the next level. We are now just a stitch away from conscious fashion!’’

As 1 of the 5 winners of the prestigious Global Change Award, we are looking forward to the global accelerator program together with H&M Foundation, KTH Innovation, Accenture and Fjord.

The Resortecs shoe
The Resortecs stitching is engineered to enable labour-poor and cost efficient disassembly of products into reusable product components as apposed to a mix of shredded material. Resortecs is working on a fully dismantle-able and therefore recyclable shoe. The shoe will be named JOAN – the most circular shoe.

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