zaterdag 10 maart 2018

Rita Sá - Sangue Novo FASHIONCLASH winner

Rita Sá is the winner of Sangue Novo / FASHIONCLASH Festival Award at ModaLisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.

She will join  Filipe Augusto (winner of October 2017 edition) and present her collection at Fashion My Religion! the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival, June 15-17.


“If you have a glass ceiling, don´t throw rocks in the air” is the motto for the collection “Telhados de Vidro”, which describes the game played by those who desperately try to be something they are not; masked hypocrites who feel the need of ostentation in a “make-believe” world. Attacking others for problems that they also have, the individuals who make the collection choose to believe that it is better to be a false somebody than a real nobody.

Forming a grading concept from the first to the last look, the collection presents its first individual who seems to be impervious to anything around him and not afraid of showing he is vulnerable or weak. The second individual is clearly uncomfortable with this idea and tries his best to show his superiority, even if it means trying to be someone who is not.

From this point on, every individual tries to impose his superiority upon his predecessor, trying hard to hide all his/her weaknesses in an illusion game where nothing is what it seems to be, manipulating the truth and revealing only what is pleasant to the eye.
However, what is shown has no real utility and therefore is essentially futile. As we continue, there seems to be a lot of difficulties in controlling the flamboyance created within these individuals and as a result, instead of matching the silhouettes continuous growth, they drop suddenly. New volumes are now supported by small details that still prevail and the vulnerabilities that were hidden until now are completely exposed. The blue colour in the collection references the use of plastic bags, creating the idea of something that is disposable.

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