zondag 19 juni 2011

ABKM SHOW 2011: Done

ABKM SHOW by Fashion and Textile department of Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht presents:

2nd year
- Manteaux: ‘Blast’

3rd year
- Man suits: ‘Suitable’
- Mini collections: ‘Today we fight for a better tomorrow’
- Sweaters: ‘Knitted’

2nd Year Mantaeux 'Blast'
 4th year (graduation collections): ‘Done’
- Anna Liesnik
- Anne-Kathrin Bannier
- Deniece Clermonts
- Eva Bellengé
- Iris Lamerichs
- Jenny Kloszynski
- Milena Lehr
- Rebecca Fuchs
- Rosi Muller


2nd Year Julia Kaskin

Brian Geradts

3rd year Knitted

Brian Geradts

Carlijn Cornelisse

Rosi Muller

Deniece Clermonts

Milena Lehr

Anne-Kathrin Bannier

Anne-Kathrin Bannier

Anne-Kathrin Bannier

Iris Lamerichs

Anna Liesnik

Eva Bellengé

Jenny Kloszynski

Rebecca Fuchs

Jenny Kloszynski

4th year; Graduates

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