vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Soirée Artistique II with FASHIONCLASH

The second edition of will take place this weekend (Sunday 8th January). An afternoon with music, history, chocolate, and fashion. Fashion designers Annemarije van Harten, Saba Tark and Anya Liesnik designed outfits for the presenters of the event.
The programme features works by Maastricht 19th century composers such as Alexander Batta (1816-1902), Joseph Hollmann (1852-1926), Andrée Bonhomme (1905 – 1982) and Jean Franssen (1893-1978). The music pieces will be introduced by two presenters, Els Roobroeck and Joost Horward, with clothing designed specifically for this project by the these fashion designers.
FASHIONCLASH invited the designers to design outfits inspired by the featured composers and the time when they lived.

Sunday January 8th from 15.30 (14.30 introduction by Jac van den Boogard) in La Bonbonnière in Maastricht. TICKETS!

Soirée Artistique II is in initiative of Foundation Maastrichtse Componisten. More information about the event: www.maastrichtsecomponisten.eu

Annemarije van Harten

Saba Tark

Anya Liesnik

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