dinsdag 15 mei 2018

The Seven hair Sins by KEVIN MURPHY

Are you guilty of these hair sins?

1.  Practice What You Bleach.

 Never bleach your own hair, because, sadly, this often doesn’t seem to go as it is supposed to! Usually, things go south when it comes down to the duration of bleaching (either too long or too short). When the bleach is in there too short, you’ll end up with a warm toned, blonde colour or simply put yellow/orangey hair! Did you leave it in too long? You could possibly damage your hair and scalp really bad. Bleaching your hair will make your it loose protein. In case you still want to bleach your hair yourself, make sure to use our treatment RE.STORE on a regular basis to help rebuild the protein deficiency.

2. Rinse Your Sins.

A mistake many make, is rinsing out the conditioner too quickly. As is rinsing the scalp. Conditioners nourish the hair from the outside in so when you rinse out your conditioner too quickly, the product will not get the opportunity to do what it is supposed to do. Our rinses are made to apply all over (on the scalp, in the length of the hair and the ends). Leave the product in for about 1 to 2 minutes before washing it out and always make sure to rinse the scalp thoroughly.

3. Set yourself free with UN.TANGLED

We have all done it. Comb, or worse brush, our hair while it’s still wet. Why you shouldn’t comb your wet hair? It is most fragile and breakable when it’s wet and above all tangled. Wet hair has a lot more stretch to it and so it’s easier to break. This all makes it extremely important to pat your hair dry (don’t rub, pat!). Spray UN.TANGLED in your hair and this leave-in conditioner will detangle your hair which will make it easier to comb through.

4. Stay Away From Devils Heat.

It happens a lot: drying or styling your hair with an extremely warm tool without protecting it. Many of us use a heated tool such as a blow-dryer, curling wand or hairstraightner on a daily basis. But do you also use a heat protective product on the daily? Probably not. Every time you style your hair with a heated tool without protection, you burn and damage your hair. So make sure you always use a heat protection product such as the following products: KILLER.CURLS, YOUNG.AGAIN, HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, SMOOTH.AGAIN, UN.TANGLED & FULL.AGAIN.

5. Shall Change Our Vile Hair.

Unfortunately, we often see hair and scalp that are not washed properly. Especially the neck and long hair are harder to wash. It is so important to thoroughly wash your hair, as tallow and leftovers from products build up in your hair. Want to solve this problem? Use our detox shampoo MAXI.WASH at least once a week. This shampoo will make sure your hair will be completely clean as tallow, grease and product leftovers will be removed. The result is more volume, shine and the pleasure of longer-lasting looks.

6. Sulf-vation

Washing your hair with a shampoo that contains sulphates, is an absolute no-go. Sulphates affect your hair colour and dry out hair and scalp. Make sure to use one of our sulphate-free shampoos, because the healthier the hair, the longer and better you will maintain your colour.

7. Before Sunrise

By now, we have all learned the sun can cause damage to your skin. But we often don’t realise the sun can also damage our hair. The sun doesn’t only damage our skin and hair, but also ages it. To protect ourselves from a sunburn we use a sun cream, and this also how you should protect your hair. All our products contain UV-filters to protect the hair against the sun. Over-exposure to UV radiation affects natural and dyed hair colours and extremely dry out the hair. Going out into the sun? Don’t only protect your hair but give it that extra boost it so desperately needs in the summertime. Use a leave-in treatment like LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, STAYING.ALIVE or UN.TANGLED before stepping out. These weightless treatments contain UV filters which strengthen, protect and nourish your hair throughout the day.

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