dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Dutch Design Week 2012

Marly van Lipzig
Eindhoven is full of energy this week as Dutch Design Week seems to have taken over the city. FASHIONCLASH loves to visit  DDW because each year we find some amazing young talents and we love it even more when we bump into installations and presentations by FASHIONCLASH participants. Many of them are to be found in the Etalageroute DDW (shopping window route)   through the city: Elvira 't Hart, Annemarije van Harten, Nawie Kuiper, Mirte Engelhard, I am Nold (Natalie de Koning), Lidewij Corstiaans, de l’eefstijl, Marije de Haan, Joelle Boers and so on.
You can find them also in the rest of the program, like Josine Heuts at Modebelofte 2012 or at ABKM stand.

Niek Pulles (HEYNIEK) is responsible for the stunning look and feel of Modebelofte 2012 exhibition.

Marly van Lipzig

Marly van Lipzig

de l’eefstijl

Elvira 't Hart

Mirte Engelhard

I am Nold

Nawie Kuiper

Annemarije van Harten (at work)

Josine Heuts / Modebelofte 2012 at Krabbedans

Modebelofte 2012 at Krabbedans

ABKM alumni: Katja Sobol

ABKM Alumni: Joske Joosten and Morgane Kerbrat

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