dinsdag 11 februari 2014

FASHIONCLASH at FEE Academy Finals

Last weekend FEE Academy Finals took place at hotel Merici in Sittard.
The jury panel, consisted of Kiki Niesten, Hadewych Minis, Chequita Nahar, Garderone +, FASHIONCLASH, had a very tough task to choose three winners out of eight talents.

Congratulations to FEE Academy winners: Jet Teunis, Mirte Engelhard & Ine de Haes.

Among the eight finalists there where several FASHIONCLASH Festival participants like Jolka Wiens, Joelle Boers, Sabine Staartjes and one of the winner Arhnem based designer Mirte Engelhard who participated at FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2012 in collaboration with Nikki Giling.


Sabine Staartjes

Sabine Staartjes for VerWeven project by Nina Willems in 2013

Mirte Engelhard collection that was at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2012

Joelle Boers

Jolka Wiens

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