zondag 23 februari 2014

Stof to nadenken by Sara Vrugt

Stof tot nadenken (Food for thought)
project by Sara Vrugt at Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Artist Sara Vrugt creates large-scale embroidery installations. From November 15 Sara will work for several months in the church atelier together with local residents, passers-by, tourists, and prostitutes on an installation for the Oude Kerk. 118 church seats from the Oude Kerk will form part of the exhibition. Her ambition is not only to create art collaboratively but also to make topical issues visible and open for discussion. The red light district on the square of the Oude Kerk has been a lively topic of conversation since the initiation five years ago of the 1012 project to reduce drugs and prostitution. Through this participatory embroidery project we take stock and discuss the changing role of the Oude Kerk in the city and its significance for the individual.

More information about the project --> here (in Dutch)

Sara Vrugt at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014
Sara is one of the participant in Distinguished Dreams project, where she is collaborating with choreographer Cecilia Moisio. Distinguished Dreams is a special collaboration with the Dutch Dance Festival.
More informarion about the project --> here.

Sara Vrugt has participated at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2012. You can read our Q&A with Sara here.

Stof tot nadenken / image Ernst van Deursen


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