woensdag 14 januari 2015

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie

(Jenna Marie Wakani; Getty)
MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie is a project in the context of M2015 (Year of the Mines), initiated by SCHUNCK*, FASHIONCLASH and 100% Heerlen and with cooperation with M2015 Foundation.
The three young designers from South Limburg, Linda Friesen, Ebby Port and Gabriel Guevera will dive into coal mine heritage and present their contemporary version of the miners clothing. They will design new clothing and accessories inspired by clothing worn by miners.

Every month, one designer will design one unique 'show piece design' that is both inspired by the former miners clothing as of the cultural communities of Heerlen (Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Spain, Friesland).
design by Linda Friesen
All the 'show piece designs' will be presented in the MIJNshop, a pop-up shop that will be officially opened on March 6 at Bongerd in Heerlen. Based on the 'show piece designs' designers will also develop a simplified commercial designs and then in cooperation with youngsters from the 100% Heerlen produce out of each commercial design 10 pieces that will be sold in MIJNshop.
By means of this collaborative process, the MIJNcollection will be developed throughout the year.

Designs created by the three designers in this project will also be presented during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015.

Heerlen forms part of Parkstad Limburg (formerly known as "Oostelijke Mijnstreek"- Eastern Mineregion), and was a centre for the coal mining industry in the Netherlands in the late 19th century. Mine workers came from all over Europe, often with their families, contributing to a multicultural society that is nowadays charasteric for Parkstad Limburg.

With M2015 Jaar van de Mijnen (Year of the Mines) Parkstad is celebrating the coal mine heritage with  various projects and a diverse cultural programma.

MIJNshop en MIJNcollectie is a collaboration of SCHUNCK*, Stichting Jaar van de Mijnen, 100% Heerlen, and FASHIONCLASH and is made possible by support of Gemeente Heerlen and Stichting DOEN.

The project kicked of with a visit to Blegny Mine.
images are by Fabian de Kloe

collection inspired by miners working clothing

German Jeans by Eva Gronbach at Manifesta 9 in Genk 

Alexandre Herchcovitch SS 2014 Collection, inspired
by the clothes worn by coal miners, oil and field workers

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