woensdag 29 april 2015

Chris van den Elzen at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

Chris van den Elzen is a Dutch designer, based in Utrecht. He focuses on shoes design - his accesorise look like futuristic art pieces. Chris will present his newest collection with Judith van Vliet at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 Show case.

Chris says: I always try to find a balance between High Tech and Hand-crafted element in my designs. I design shoes, accessories, jewelry and materials. Last June was my catwalk debut, together with Judith van Vliet I created the EXCIDIUM collection, I focused on the Shoes and Jewelry, Judith on the garments. The collection was presented at the Fashionclash festival 2014. But my shoes have seen more places than me at the moment and they are still traveling. From Amsterdam to Dubai, from Vienna to New York. What I would aspire is a show in London, being part of the official London Fashion Week Program.

Who are your artistic influences or inspirations and why?
My inspirations come a lot from the architecture and the living creatures around me. I love to combine Architectural with amorphous shapes. 

Finding your own voice is difficult, where and how do you find your personal creativity (before you start designing; during the design process)? 
That is an ongoing story, so many things spook to my mind, connecting those stories to create a concept goes automatic.

What was the most important thing your parents taught you, that you now bring into your work? 
Be yourself and push further then your boundaries, never give up if you really want something. 

Which item in your wardrobe really typifies you and why? 
My black neoprene sweater, why? because I like the futuristic feel of it, and it’s a minimalistic masterpiece. 

What is your most favorite accessory and why? 
My first necklace made from a left over piece of my graduation collection, just some sentimental values

Are you a people's person or a loner? 
Definitely a people’s person! 

What do you strive for in your work?
Passion and a perfect balance between high-tech and hand-crafts.

What makes your items different from others (What is your designing philosophy)? 
I always try to be pure, I don’t like nonsense and I try to make something that you want to treasure and keep even when you can’t really use it anymore. make it an art piece, a collectors item. 

Fashion needs to progress year in year out, how do you keep innovating? 
I always try to improve my skills and to perfect the fit and comfort of the shoes.

What is your ultimate goal? What do you want to achieve with your projects? 
My goal is to be an innovative and inspiring shoe designer.

What are your views on gender categorization in fashion ? (as in differentiating between male/female collections, is this necessary ?) 
I think gender in collections is fading, Gender is more and more disappearing, I think everybody needs to wear what they want to and feel happy about it.

Do you believe the western binary gender system (male/female) will eventually disappear?
Jup I do. I think it be great when it does. Can’t wait for that time to come. 

What are your thoughts on the idea that unisex is the new androgynous in fashion? 
I think there is still a big difference between androgynous an unisex.. I think Unisex clothing can be worn they way that person want to wear it/combine it… an androgynous person is a person who you can’t really define into an gender the first moment you see them. but It’s the moment you start to learn to know the person that counts, that’s what makes it the person. and I think an androgen person will look androgyn no matter what kind of clothing he/she wears. It’s all about the face/hair/body shape.

What has changed/happened since your last attendance at FASHIONCLASH? 
It feels like jumping into a wind turbine. loved every moment of the ride and it’s still continuing.

Why have you decided to participate at FASHIONCLASH Festival once again? 
Because they give you a real platform, love the vibes before, during and after the festival. I feels like becoming part of a family. A family that you take care of, that you love and that you treasure.

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