woensdag 15 april 2015

MAFAD presents Slow City at Ventura Lambrate

MAFAD - Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design presents ‘Slow City’ exhibition at Ventura Lambrate during in Milan.

Redefining their position and profile MAFAD invited alumni of the past 10 years to show work which refers towards the profiles MAFAD will be focusing on for the upcoming years, putting them in specific contexts such as: food, hospitality and luxury. Themes that are imbedded in Maastricht and where we as MAFAD will take its role in developing new definitions or values. The title slow city refers to the way these themes are being experienced in this area and the students and Alumni.  MAFAD presents a diversity of students, alumni designers and co-creations of the past 10 years. Among the exhibitors you can find many FASHIONCLASH designers. FASHIONCLASH founders and artistic directors Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper and Laurens Hamacher are also MAFAD alumni.


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