woensdag 18 november 2015

Hashtag Smile

Ebby Port represented FASHIONCLASH at FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódz

Column by Tim Prins (Studio Stad)

After quick check-in at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel Laurens and I dive into the domain of FashionPhilosophy Poland, Łódź. He gives me a quick update on compact communication, show scheduling, media badges and FASHIONCLASH ‘hashtagging'. You know ‘serious stuff’. First show? Here we go.

The music roars. Our stomachs resonate with the heavy bass. Shows are alike and up tempo. The style is hard, almost physical and so are the collections. On the front row we join the experts from Kaltblut Magazine, ModaLisboa and Dash Magazine. For four days we only exist as an audience lingering in between shows, markets, dinners and coffee breaks.

On the second day Ebby Port arrives, FASHIONCLASH’s latest promise. She is invited to show her work. Her designs differ from the masculinity of the Polish trend by being juvenile. In the morning we assist her with the fitting and immerse ourselves in the real life of the show, the reality of the stress, the hard work and not to forget: the excitement.

It is time to choose her models. They stand in line bare and clean. The beauty of youth has such potential. Suddenly fashion revealed its true form, it comes alive.

Only 15 minutes before her show and we are all backstage. Not as experts, but as Marcel, Tiago, Laurens and Tim. We want to feel the anticipation, let it get under our skin. Translators yell, dresses fly and shoes hurt. The final match of clothes is made. Ebby instructs the models: “I want ‘happy’, but not Mariah Carey. Be frisky and enjoy the clothes.”

Her collection doesn’t want to be heavy. Color is not a detail of the designs, but an element worn by the models. The garment is eccentric, but leaves space for character. Green eyes accessorize the look. Slits accentuate the wearer’s flair. Her last piece, a beautiful green dress with silkscreen print, exhibits the strong, voluptuous woman underneath. It all comes together on the catwalk. FashionPhilosophy Fashionweek Poland inhales her work.

She returns with praise, interviews and a future photoshoot. On Facebook Philippe Pourhashemi sums it up nicely: #SMILE.


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