zondag 29 november 2015

Spot On Fashion Maastricht by FASHIONCLASH

FASHIONCLASH Spot On! ‘Fashion Maastricht’ pop-up exhibition at VVV Maastricht

In the weekend of 28 and 29 November the Dinghuis, historical building in Maastricht known as the VVV Maastricht, temporarily served as a pop-up museum for designers linked to the city of Maastricht.

Continuing the successful 'Fashion Maastricht' in Chengdu China, FASHIONCLASH is presenting the second exhibition focusing on designers that are linked to Maastricht by origin or education.
The presented work stands out for its textile and material research, innovative tailoring or the conceptual approach. This exhibition gives a glimpse of authentic ideas offered by a new generation of visionaries that are shaping the new history of Maastricht, a city with a long tradition of arts and crafts and known for its sense of style, quality of life and dynamic cul- tural scene. Most of the featured designers are alumni of MAFAD, the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Among them you can see pieces of designers that are successfully emerging and work of the latest generation of fashion design graduates.

Participants: Anna Gregor, Bluedenîmes, Danielle Vroemen, Ebby Port, Edmeé Jongen, Gabriel Guevara, Jessie Beurskens, Joelle Boers x Sofya Samareva, Julia Aumann, Julia Schmitz, Marsha Kessels, Maarten van Mulken, Lotte Milder, Linda Friesen, Linda Maissan, Marlou Breuls, Mieke Kockelkorn, Mona Steinhaeusser, Minou Lejeune, Reinder Schmidt, Renate Cuiper, Strikks, Verena Klein and Sem Shayne.

Exhibition is curated by FASHIONCLASH.

All images are by BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG.

Lotte Milder 
Linda Friesen
Marlou Breuls

Joelle Boers
Julia Schmitz
Minou Lejeune

Maarten van Mulken
Julia Aumann 
Edmeé Jongen
Danielle Vroemen
left: Renate Cuiper
right: Verena Klein 
Mona Steinhaeusser

Marsha Kessels

Julia Schmitz 
Anna Gregor
Reinder Schmidt
curators of the exhibition, the FASHIONCLASH team

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