zaterdag 5 november 2016

MOOI Festival Antwerp

The Post Couture Collective
MOOI Festival, a festival about the beautiful things in fashion of the future,  took place in Antwerp 29 and 30 October in de Studio in Antwerp.

Villanella art center opened up a dialogue with the fashion world. In collaboration with designer, innovator and curator Bruno Pieters, the festival showed the state of the mind of the 'sustainable'  fashion scene in Antwerp and provided a platform for debate aiming to stimulate the start of a new way of thinking that will activate both new as established players in the industry to think.

The two day festival contained exhibition, Labo, talks and a fabric fair.
Exhibition curated by Bruno Pieters displayed Antwerp fashion talent that approaches fashion from ethical, sustainable and responsible point of view. The exhibition featured work by
Y/Project, Rombaut, Jan Jan Van Essche, Daniel Andresen, Katrien Van Hecke, Ilke Cop and innovative projects such as The Post Couture Collective and Honest By.
Labo programme showed innovative techniques and initiatives by Martijn van Strien and Freitag.
Another innovative project that had its first presentation is 
TexUp that showed the results of Textiel Upcyclage Labo. This is a thinktank platoform where fashion and costume designers, product developers and artists meet. The residual clothes and linen from the Radisson Blu Hotel are reused through innovative, circular and creative techniques.
Five selected fashion and costume designers, product developers and artists from the Lab took on the leftover hotel textiles and designed firsthand pieces. The designers were coached by Ilke Cop and Lisa Konno.

All images by brankopopovicblog


The Post Couture Collective
Neri de Meester
Katrien Van Hecke
left: Emmanuel A. Ryngaert - right: Marie Sophie Beinke for The Post Couture Collective
The Post Couture Collective
 Daniel Andresen
Jan Jan Van Essche

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