zaterdag 10 december 2016

Life of Ornament - Viewmaster Projects & FASHIONCLASH

FASHIONCLASH teamed up with Viewmaster Projects within the context of the Life of Ornament project that is on display since December 1. Two gigantic video art works are projected on the Eiffel building in the Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht.
In addition we have invited performer Daan Couzijn and fashion designer Maarten van Mulken to create new work inspired by the Sphinx ornaments. In cooperation with filmmaker Daniel van Hauten the will create a music video / fashion film in which they combine their disciplines and fascinations with the heritage of the Sphinx.
Result will premiere on December 16th at Lumière Cinema and will be presented at various events in 2017.

Life of Ornament is a crossover project combining cultural heritage and time-based media. Artist duo Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács present two video works in which the renowned ceramic decals of Sphinx and the Société Céramique come to life. Projected large onto the historic Eiffel Building’s facades, the once motionless, decorative prints on saucers, cups, plates, and teapots transform into animated leitmotifs that flow into one another, creating new juxtapositions of the imagery. Using modern digital techniques, the ornaments ‘detach’ from the decorative dinnerware they embellish. The two video works – one highlighting floral prints, the other, landscape motifs – honour the outstanding design of Maastricht’s manufacturing industry and function as a contemporary animation, entwining different cultures and style periods.

Life of Ornament runs parallel to the Eiffel Building’s renovation. In the evening, when refurbishing work halts, the two video works illuminate the scaffolding scrim surrounding the building. The projections will partly move with the different stages of the restoration.

Trailer Life of Ornament from Viewmaster Projects on Vimeo.

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