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Collaborative Unit Project - Introducing Caroline Zaidan

BLOG #1: Introducing Caroline Zaidan


FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with students of University of the Arts London (UAL) – London College of Fashion

FASHIONCLASH is always looking to collaborate with future fashion talent. This time we are honoured to work with and challenge the minds and creativity of students of the University of the Arts London (UAL), London College of Fashion. During this Collaborative Unit project (February – June 2017) FASHIONCLASH will work closely with students Caroline Zaidan, Isabelle Violet Thibault, Susanne James and Eleftheria (Ellie) Karipidi on the topic ‘Fashion makes Sense’, this year’s FASHIONCLASH Festival theme.

“How Does Fashion Make Sense?”
Today's fashion industry is a reflection of society with a strong focus on aesthetics. Our society approaches fashion as a mostly visual phenomenon and doesn’t always see the nature of the interaction with the body (of the wearer), despite the fact that fashion is the most intimate form of art, as it is literally worn “on the body”! As a second skin, clothing also enables us to express ourselves and helps us make sense of the world. Inspired by the issue “Fashion is Losing Sense,” FASHIONCLASH is focusing on the theme “Fashion Makes Sense” in 2017. Using the question “How Does Fashion Make Sense?” we want to engage in a dialogue with the public (consumer-designer-industry-education), because we believe that no change will be possible without interaction with the public.

During the Collaborative Unit project, we challenge the students to create an interactive awareness marketing campaign for the public that can also inspire and encourage the fashion industry to improve insight and engagement between fashion and the body and engages on the following issue: How can fashion (designers, consumers, and the industry) nowadays truly connect with the body and human beings instead of being just a simple aesthetic of a symbolic phenomenon?

We will of course keep you up-to-date on this lovely project and share the outcome!

 But first, let us introduce team member #1: Caroline Zaidan.

Caroline Zaidan
Caroline Zaidan

AGE & COUNTRY: 23- Switzerland (originally from Lebanon)
STUDY: Msc Applied Psychology to Fashion at London College of Fashion/UAL

Describe yourself in three words: 
Passionate, hard-working, sensitive.

What's your super power?
Focused & tenacious

What’s your favourite song, food and movie/TV-show at the moment?
 I can’t stop listening to a french rapper named Nekfeu.

How would you define fashion?
My secret garden, I can hide or expose myself through it.

When did you realise you wanted to work in/are fascinated by fashion?
 Since I’m a little girl, I would pick up the clothes for each member of my family.

What fascinates and/or inspires you in daily life?
When someone dresses up, is confident about it and tells about him/herself through the clothes. Not because society asked for it.

Can you tell us something about your study, projects you've been working and/or career path? At the moment I’m working on my thesis which is about self-discrepancies within fashion context: to which extend society, media dictate what one should or shouldn't wear and what impact this has on mental health.

Why have you decided to participate at the FASHIONCLASH Collaborative Unite Challenge? FASHIONCLASH seems to have the same vision about fashion as me and their interests correspond to mine thus my choice to participate to their project.

(How) Does fashion nowadays make sense to you?
 No, the way it functions makes it appear the opposite of what it is supposed to be.

How do you think fashion can truly connect with the body and human beings  instead of being just a simple aesthetic of a symbolic phenomenon? 
 We all need to stop comparing ourselves among us. Media need to stop sending wrong messages. Fashion should not be driven by money and profit. Because it is so close to our souls it should be a manner of expressing ourselves without any shame

What can we/the world expect from you? Now, near and in the future? 
I hope I can help fashion make a step forward by applying psychology to it: make the industry more human, a place of creation, passion, pleasure instead of this pressure everybody feels.

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