dinsdag 1 juni 2010


Here is an impression of Etalageroute FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT 2010.

Most of the creations are prototypes of the fashion students from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht. If you want to see the real outfit you have to come to the spectacular ABKM show during FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT 4 - 6th June.

Coffeelovers 'De Annex' (2nd year ABKM)

de Bijenkorf: Aniek Dokter, Yvonne Laufer, Brian Geradts, Milena Lehr, Anne-Kathrin Bannier

Brian Geradts

Ingo Binder

Karolina Nieslony

Maja Pack

Zohra Murad

Nora Dumont

Carlijn Cornelisse

Linda Maissan

Valentina Vos

Branko Popovic

'Peter Stigter aan de muur'

Theater a/h Vrijthof

Kiki Niesten

pictures Branko Popovic

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  1. too bad I can't make it, would love to attend... :-(
    Hopefully next time then...


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