dinsdag 1 juni 2010


By Team Peter Stigter & Maasmechelen Village.
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During this three-day fashion event, the runway photography team of Peter Stigter in collaboration with Maasmechelen Village will be awarding the FASHIONCLASH STREETHEARTS award.
Recording street fashion at fashion events is becoming increasingly popular.
Under the heading “FASHIONCLASH STREETHEARTS by Team Peter Stigter & Maasmechelen Village”, visitors to FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT will be photographed in and around the Timmerfabriek from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 June inclusive. The photos will be exhibited in the Timmerfabriek during the event and on the FASHIONCLASH website.
At the end of each day, a jury will select the best street fashion outfit and announce the nominee. An overall winner will be chosen on Sunday evening during the closing event of FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT 2010. The FASHIONCLASH STREETHEARTS award winner will receive an enlarged copy of his/her photo and a Maasmechelen Village Gift Card worth €500.


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