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Daniel Ramos Obregon

Photographer: Jorge Perez Ortiz / Model: Lukasz Przytarski
Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Daniel Ramos Obregon. Daniel is a Colombian artist and designer who has specialised in body ornamentation. He will present his work at the FASHIONCLASH Exhibition.

Hello Daniel! What is your field of specialisation?
Hi! I specialise in body ornamentation; jewellery, sculptural pieces and performance props.

Where are you based?
I’ve currently moved back to Colombia from London for a couple of months, but I have some upcoming projects around Europe so I think I will be moving around for a while.

What inspires you in general?
Human behaviour, the embodiment of the different facets of the ‘self’ and their expression on the way we move, act and express our selves.

What place or city do you find inspiring?
Any place that has a rich culture and warm-hearted people will always be inspiring to me. When I was on my early teenage years I was fascinated by Japanese culture and had the opportunity to travel around Japan. I can’t wait for the opportunity to go back.

What is it like to be a young artist in your city/country?
Colombia is undergoing an exponential growth in many different ways and I think there are many spaces opening within fashion and other creative fields. It’s very exciting as a young artist/designer to be part of it.

What attracts you about the FASHIONCLASH platform?
I consider my last collection as “wearable art objects” that sit somewhere in between the context of fashion, sculpture and performance. I think FASHIONCLASH is exploring this convergence of disciplines within the fashion realm and it feels like the exhibition space has been tailor made for people like me to show our work.

The FASHIONCLASH Exhibition is curated under the theme of ‘Age’. How does your creation relate to this year’s theme?
Part of my collection seeks to explore the physical identity and the language of the flesh by casting parts of my body whilst still keeping imprints of my own skin texture. I believe it is through the skin that we can read people age the easiest.

How and why did you become an artist?
Ironically, as I initially studied communication design, I can be a shy person and I need time to feel comfortable to speak my mind around people. I think it is through my work that I can more easily express myself and through body ornamentation and object making that I find a better way to explore my interests.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why?
No, I’m very emotional so I keep jumping from one infatuation to the other; it’s hard to have a monogamous relationship to one source of inspiration.

Photographer: Jorge Perez Ortiz / Model: Lukasz Przytarski
What kind of feeling do you want to transfer with your creation?
Any sort of emotion as long as its strong and visceral, I want people to be drawn to my work and spend enough time trying to understand what it is that it makes them feel about it. It’s been very interesting to have people’s feedback to my work; some of them find it beautiful and poetic whilst some others find it a bit eerie and disturbing.

What on your playlist when you are working?
Hmmm, It really depends on the mood I am and what I need to do. I have been listening to Young Galaxy a lot lately and to Arcade Fire’s soundtrack for Her.

What book shaped you?
I don’t read much in my spare time lately, which I’m shamefully willing to admit… but I do buy a lot of books. I’m more about visuals than written words. I used to read a lot of Japanese manga when I was younger so I guess that kind of influenced a lot my way of seeing things.

Who is your favourite artist/designer?
I find it very difficult to pin down one person from so many people I look up to. I can say that for this collection I was greatly influenced by Rebecca Horn and Markus Schinwald’s work.

Daniel Ramos Obregon
What is the latest thing you bought for yourself?
Ha! A ticket for Matthew Barney’s “River of Fundament” at London Coliseum in June…which I hope I can actually manage to go and see.

What is your favourite fairy tale and why?
Does Aladdin counts as a fairy tale? It was my all time favourite as child, my room used to be covered up in Aladdin stuff. I think there’s something about Orientalism that I’ve always found myself drawn to… I’m still trying to discover what it is exactly.

If your life were a song what would the title be?
That’s a difficult one, I don’t know about the title but I know for sure it would be something deep and emotional that would flip around half way into a very dance bass tune. Good vocals are a must.

What made you smile today?
Waking up and seeing my dogs running outside my window to then have a proper Colombian breakfast. It feels good to be back home.

Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram! @danielramoso

Photographer: Jorge Perez Ortiz / Model: Lukasz Przytarski
What is your definition of style?
Casual, comfortable, and somewhat monochromic with a hint of colour.

What has been the greatest experience in your career so far?
Most of my experience has been in the academia so I would say doing MA Fashion Artefact, and having Naomi Filmer as a tutor. I’m grateful for my entire journey so far and everything that has led me to being here today.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More work, a new collection and more collaborations with choreographers and performers.

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