donderdag 5 juni 2014

FASHIONCLASH Side Program: Fashion Freax

The FASHIONCLASH Side Program, held during the FASHIONCLASH Festival, is supporting different platforms that fit the FASHIONCLASH concept: new spaces for young designers to showcase their work. One of those is the online sales platform, Fashion Freax that will be allocated a pop up store in the Mosae Forum during the festival. 
Fashion Freax was created by Nikkie Leunissen as the response to a simple observation: “there are so many young designers creating amazing, unique items and nobody knows where to find them!” Therefore, Fashion Freax gives customers the chance to get in touch with the world’s most creative talents and their work. At the moment, Fashion Freax has thirty-nine designers from twelve different countries. Its ambition is of course to grow into a big international sales platform for emerging designers, but also to give customers the opportunity to purchase unique items that make them feel special.

Especially for the FASHIONCLASH Festival, Fashion Freax will be given a pop up store in order to present its project and to present some of the designers that can be found on the sales platform. 

Here is the list of the designers that will participate in the Fashion Freax pop up store and whose collections you will be able to purchase: Nawie Kuiper, Branko Popovic, Asu Aksu, Cuccioli, Swearhouse, Lieke van Opstal, Daphny Raes, Els Louwette, Dario Scapitta, Manon Garritsen, Romy van Eijk, Danielle Vroemen, Beango, LAVS Jewels, Get Better Clothing, Konzeptuell, Martine Kwakernaak, Toosis, Gudies, Ahaha Creative Prints, Venour, Klekko Clothing.

Don't forget to visit the Fashion Freax pop-up store during the FASHIONCLASH Festival, and for unique designer items, visit the Fashion Freax website:

Klekko Clothing

Asu Aksu
Pictures by: Marijana Giglic
Jewelry by Danielle Vroemen
Jewelry by Danielle Vroemen

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