maandag 9 juni 2014

MLY by Emily Hermans

During the Designer Market, you will have the pleasure to discover the green label MLY by Emily Hermans and her newest collection, MLY & the Family.

Emily Hermans is a Dutch Designer who has an artisan approach to fashion. The fabrics she uses are self-developed and the production process takes place in the Netherlands.

Her particular approach to fabrics and production techniques led her label MLY to be regarded as a green label. Eco certified yarns, natural and biodegradable fibers and inks are increasingly used in her collections. Even the printing process is eco responsible as she makes use of digital printing, which consumes less water than other printing processes. 

With MLY & The Family, Emily Hermans presents a colorful collection with ethnic and gypsy touches. The collection includes knitwear pieces and prints with surprising designs inspired by Persian rugs or mosaic tiles. The color scheme allies warm tones such as red and cooler blue and aqua shades. The dress, jackets, cardigans offer a nice versatility as they can be combined easily. The knitwear is mainly based on viscose blends while the printed items are primarily based on silk varieties. 

For more information about MLY, visit her website:

Don’t forget to visit MLY during the Designer Market!

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