vrijdag 6 juni 2014

FASHIONCLASH Side Program: Fashion Film Night Out

The FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 Side Program will start off with a special evening at the Lumière Cinema of Maastricht.

Starting at 9pm on the 12th of June, the Fashion Film Night Out will consist of the screenings of short films by young filmmakers and fashion designers and it will also include a special selection from the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2013. 

Kikimora - Blue Olympics directed by Jan Macierewicz

The first part of the evening will consist of the FASHIONCLASH selection: 
Welcome to SICKY / SICKY Magazine and Alex Antolino
Her Forgotten Act / Jaime Schirmer
Dream Nation - Plan / Jan Macierewicz
Kikimora - Blue Olimpics / Jan Macierewicz
Dream Nation - Tribe / Jan Macierewicz
The Transitional Numb / Amal Kiran Jana
1+2=3 / Tomas Kroes
We Come To You Father / IMA MAD in collaboration with Ala Wesolowska & Sebastian Siebor
The Colourfulness of Black / Nikkie Wortman
OMO SS14 / Sprayfun
E_SSENCE / Filip Roth
Cocoon - Petri Ruikka

Dream Nation - Plan by Jan Macierewicz
The second part will consist of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival selection:
The Berlin Fashion Film Festival takes place during the Berlin Fashion Week and is a must-see for all the fashion aficionados. Showing films of established fashion brands such as Givenchy or Prada, it also gives the opportunity to upcoming names to present their work. Needless to say, FASHIONCLASH is all the more excited to be able to present a selection of the movies that made the cut at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

E_SSENCE by Filip Roth

In addition to a great selection of fashion films, Chiara Luzzana, a sound and multimedia artist from Italy, will present an installation and performance developed especially for this occasion.

Fashion Film Night Out is organized in collaboration between the Lumière Cinema Maastricht and the Berlin Fashion Festival.

For more information about the Fashion Film Night Out and the Side Program, visit www.fashionclash.nl. The booking of tickets can only be done through the Lumière Cinema, www.lumiere.nl.

The next edition of the Berlin fashion Film Festival will take place in July 2014

See you on the 12th of June in Maastricht!

Big thanks to Zuyderzigt

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