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Collaborative Unit Project: Introducing Isabelle Violet Thibault & Eleftheria Karipidi

BLOG #2: Introducing Isabelle Violet Thibault & Eleftheria Karipidi


FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with students of University of the Arts London (UAL) – London College of Fashion

During the Collaborative Unit Project (February – June 2017) FASHIONCLASH works closely with students of the University of the Arts London (UAL), London College of Fashion on the topic ‘Fashion makes Sense’, this year’s FASHIONCLASH Festival theme. Students Caroline Zaidan, Isabelle Violet Thibault, Susanne James and Eleftheria Karipidi are challenged to research the engagement between fashion and the body/senses and they need to engage with the public on the issue: How can fashion (designers, consumers, and the industry) nowadays truly connect with the body and human beings instead of being just a simple aesthetic of a symbolic phenomenon?

Martijn van Strien, Post Couture Collective

Jeffrey Heiligers
How do designers nowadays experience the connection between the body and the design process? Are designers aware of the importance of the senses and emotions in the way people dress, and how they attach value and significance to clothing?
As part of the ‘Fashion makes Sense’ research Dutch designers Martijn van Strien and Jeffrey Heiligers are interviewed by the students to gain insight on the ‘designer’ point of view on this subject.
How are they thinking about the body while they are designing? What is their design approach in terms of the body shape and size? And how do they approach the emotional and sensory experiences of the body and clothes?

We will of course keep you posted on the outcome. 
Now it’s time to meet team members Isabelle and Eleftheria!

AGE & COUNTRY: 22, Montréal, Canada
STUDY: MA Fashion Journalism

Describe yourself in three words: Kind, introverted, creative

How would you define fashion? Fashion is the immediate conversation we have with those around us, before words can even be uttered.

When did you realize you wanted to work in/are fascinated by fashion?
I had no interest in fashion as a child, but as a teenager, I found myself watching more Fashion TV (A Canadian fashion channel) and consuming more fashion media, such as my mom’s huge collection of vintage Vogue September issues. I would always put effort into my personal style and dreamed of working in the fashion industry as a journalist, and so, my plan was to do a bachelor in English Literature and then specialize in fashion for my MA.

Can you tell us something about your study, projects you've been working and/or career path? As part of my MA Course, I have just completed a printed magazine on immigration and Brexit through the lens of fashion. I am also working with ELLE to contribute to and be featured in their Culture Collective, which will appear in a summer issue of the magazine. In the past, I’ve had a lot of experience in marketing and creative copywriting, yet am planning to use my writing skills to write about fashion. I would love one day to work for a fashion publication, such as Vogue or W Magazine.

Why have you decided to participate at the FASHIONCLASH Collaborative Unite Challenge? 
The incentive of exploring fashion and the body immediately caught my attention, due to the fact that I find it very intriguing and interesting. I believe that my ability to write will allow me to develop a creative way of communicating our findings on this subject to a larger audience through the marketing campaign.

(How) Does fashion nowadays make sense to you?
 “Sense” is an interesting word, because alongside aesthetics, or visual sense, I love the way fashion responds to and touches the body. The sound of a zipper on a leather jacket, or the clicking of high heels can send waves through my body to empower or comfort me. I love the smell of my vintage jeans, or my tweed jacket after a rainfall. For me, fashion is sense. It engages all of my senses in a wonderful way and this is how I navigate and understand my personal style and the fashion industry in general.

How do you think fashion can truly connect with the body and human beings instead of being just a simple aesthetic of a symbolic phenomenon?
Fashion transcends the physical and pierces into our emotions. The way fashion engages with the five senses, and even the sixth sense of intuition, is how it ultimately connects with our bodies. A shirt or dress is essentially a second skin or armour that one wears throughout the day, and so it must have some special meaning to the wearer. An outfit can be associated with a memory or with an emotion, and this is the most intimate form of connection something can make with the body and mind.

AGE & COUNTRY: 28, Greece
STUDY: MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion

What's your super power? Intuition & Creative Ideas.

How would you define fashion?
As an art form that helps individuals express themselves as well as communicate with others in various environmental contexts.

What fascinates and/or inspires you in daily life?
Acts of kindness in the context of every-day life as well as meeting new people and exploring new ideas and prospects.

Can you tell us something about your study, projects you’ve been working and/or career path? My background is around the areas of marketing and brand development in a fashion and creative business context. However, the last two years I’ve been working on research projects around sustainability in fashion, digital media, and the sensory perspective of store atmospherics as well as their influence on the consumer. Generally, my main research interests are to find solutions for consumers that enhance their health and well-being either at a product or environmental level.

How do you think fashion can truly connect with the body and human beings  instead of being just a simple aesthetic of a symbolic phenomenon?
I think fashion really needs to find the way to connect with the body as its' essential purpose is "to be worn" as better as it can in the body and represents the individual. Interesting areas for further research and product development could be fashion that facilitates body movements and/or even helps people with special needs to improve their every daily lives as well as using fabrics and materials beneficial to the skin and body functions.

What can we/the world expect from you? Now, near and in the future? 
I am really keen on contributing to real changes in the fashion industry and specifically in areas that I will be able to improve individuals' well-being and every-day living. 

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