donderdag 6 juli 2017

Raya van der Kroon - Pretty Exposed

Pretty Exposed performance by Raya van der Kroon presented in the Fashion Makes Sense LAB, during the Afterparty of FASHIONCLASH Festival Pretty Exposed is a project by Raya van der Kroon, featuring designers Nine Parre - Deniece Clermonts & performers Emma Haniotis Riccetto - Aziza Prameswara - Vanessa Ntinu. ‘Is female nakedness in nightlife clothing a result of sexualisation or female empowerment?’ As an i-Arts graduate I dove into the history of unclothing, the growth of new feminism, and the use of nakedness as a tool for either protest or attraction. Engaging into highly revealing sceneries - the nightlife of Amsterdam and of Rio de Janeiro - I concluded that my vision on contemporary femininity is a fusion of both places and their characteristics. Whereas Amsterdam is trying to re-incorporate femininity into feminism, Rio is striving for more social equality within their sensual culture: both are longing for a balance between sexiness and empowerment. The balance and combination of the terms is the core of this work: the visualization of the sensual feminist, the combination of Amsterdam and Rio. This idea is translated into a nightlife clothing collection, presented through an immersive performance, a magazine and exhibition.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter

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