maandag 9 mei 2011

i_beta/event 2011

12 & 13 May -  i_beta/event 2011
"New ideas on economy, culture & society"

Part of the program:

Workshop: Fashion Mapping by Social Spaces & FASHIONCLASH

MAP-it is a mapping toolkit designed to overcome to the fact that people from different profiles, backgrounds and expertise do not necessarily share the same ‘language’. Adding a visual layer, that is open and adjustable for all participants, creates a different dialogue and enables everyone to join the conversation. Via the toolkit, a group of people visualises thoughts and ideas in a playful way. In this way cross-disciplinary creation processes are stimulated and guided. MAP-it uses an open-source set of icons indicating people, things and activities. Empty icons are also available to create new icons during discussions. In this way, icons can be added and adjusted, implying that the system is never complete and is open to iterative refinement.
The MAP-it toolkit also contains ‘strange’ or critical icons, like ‘bombs’ and ‘locks’. They allow people to disagree and enable them to risk a step on uncommon ground, which is more conductive to creativity.
During the i_beta/event 2011, research group Social Spaces will organise a mapping session to explore a possible future Euregional platform for Fashion.

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