dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Knitwear by Diana Tax

Knitted menswear by Diana Tax
picture by Rik Versteeg
What is your name? Diana Tax

What is the name of your label? I don't really have a label yet, but it will probably be something with my own name (Diana Tax) or the name of my last collection (FSHRMN)

Where did you study and when did you graduate? I've studied at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and I graduated in January 2011.

What inspires you as a designer? I'm most inspired by fabrics, and especially knits. I love what you can do with knitted fabrics. You can make a design, you can make ladders in a knit. Sometimes a use of a metallic yarn is enough to make something special. I also like weaving and the ausbrenner technique, but my main interest is knitwear. And I'm also inspired by things around me, and stories from the past. My last collection (which will be shown during FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2011) was inspired by fishermen ganseys and the stories behind the ganseys.

Who is your favorite (fashion) designer/artist? Why? I love the work of Sandra Backlund. She doesn't make fashion, she makes art. Another one of my favorites is the Dutch designer Emily Hermans (MLY). Her knitwear is more graphic. I also like the knits of Missoni. From menswear, I loved all the things Alexander McQueen presented in his collections. I like it when great textiles and great designs come together.

Knitting samples

What can you bring to FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2011? A different approach to knitwear for men. Most of the times knitwear for men is very basic, and the fabrics used are always very safe in colors. For my FSHRMN collection I've tried to work with more colors and silhouettes. Showing this collection I also want to present new knitting techniques.

What do you expect from the FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2011? I see it as a way to show my work to a bigger audience, and I'm also very curious to see the work of the other designers.

How did your experience with fashion started? When did you decide to be a fashion designer? I started with making clothes for my dolls, and with little drawings with clothing in it. Later on, my interests changed, but my love for fashion stayed. I went to the academy and in the third year my love for knitting started (when I followed the minor Textiles).

What are your goals concerning your career? What are your ambitions? Where do you see yourself in the future? I would love to have my own labelspecialized in knitted menswear, with some selling points in the Netherlands, and maybe in more countries. But right now, I love what I do and my main concern is to stay happy with doing what I love to do.

Edited by Natalia Serwanska

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