zondag 10 juni 2012

Second day of FCM 2012!

collection by Nawie Kuiper
After a successful first day, FCM 2012 proved once again the amazing level of talent of this year’s participants!

Saturday, June 9th, the second day of our FASHIONCLASH marathon started with a great Fashion Show and we ended the night with great fun and music.

Show 2 featured both women's and men's collection from our very talented designers: Agnieszka Natasza Splewińska, Aleksandra Lalić, Barbara Langendijk, Mirte Engelhard & Nikki Giling, Jonathan Christopher, Lilach Eliyahu and Joshua Enker. A great start to the evening!


collection by Glenda Lagomarsino

But Show 3 definitely rose to the occasion as the collections of designers Glenda Lagomarsino, Hao-Ni Tsai, Ivana Pilja, Nawie Kuiper, Hyerim Hong, Lucia Cabanova and Josine Heuts were greeted by an enthusiastic audience.

Show 4, the final one of the evening started with another one of out Theatrical Encounters, the performance “Till the” by Jacob Kok & Danilo Colonna. The show continued with 5 collections from designers: Pierre-Antoinne Vettorello, Natalie de Koning, Branko Popović, Hsin Fang Lee, Femke Agema, Brian Geradts and Tata Christiane.

collection by Hyerim Hong

What else could people have asked for? A great After Party, of course! FASHIONCLASH knew just who to call to make that happen! STRICTLY VINYL and Menr. BroekjeVol (Bas Kosters) & Mevr. BloesjeVol (Shirley Macholina) made sure to entertained the audience!

What will happen today as we rap up our FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 experience? Join us for the final 2 Shows of the weekend!

collection by Branko Popovic

collection by Pierre-Antoinne Vettorello

-Till the- by Jacob Kok & Danilo Colonna

collection by Jonathan Christopher

collection by Ivana Pilja

collection by Lucia Cabanova

collection by Joshua Enker

collection by Hao-Ni Tsai

Pictures by Team Peter Stigter

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