zaterdag 9 juni 2012

The Opening night at FASHIONCLASH 2012!

Friday, June 8th - The Opening night at FASHIONCLASH 2012!

The For the 4th year in a row the fashion scene shifts to Maastricht for the FASHIONCLASH 2012 event! 

KARMIJNROOD & Mieke Kockelkorn

We were off to a great start! The night began with one of our Theatrical Encounters Project presented to us by Nina Willems, Dennis Vanderbroeck and Sarah Tulp. After this amazing start the evening continued with the Opening by KARMIJNROOD & Mieke Kockelkorn. 

CLASH Project premiere

The CLASH Project premiere got everybody talking and an excited audience watch the FAB/Runway Malta Contest whose winner, we are happy to inform, was Julia Schätz! 

HAAX Performance

The Opening Show left everyone excited and hungry for more! So we moved on to the 1st Show of the weekend!

The ‘HAAX’ Performance by Karel van Laere & Sonja Schoedel wowed the audience!

collection by Naomi Nagelkerken

After that, five of our talented designers Naomi Nagelkerken, Marly van Lipzig, Geneva Corlett, Sasha Kanevski, de l’eefstijl showcased their amazing collections, setting the bar quite high for the ramaining designers that are following this weekend! But there is no doubt in our mind that the next 5 Shows on Saturday and Sunday will lift up to the challange! 

What is next for FCM 2012? Two more days, Saturday and Sunday, of amazing Fashion Shows, Theatrical Encounters, the Expo and an amazing party on Saturday night! It’s not over yet!

collection by Marly van Lipzig

collection by Geneva Corlett

collection by Sasha Kanevski

collection by de l’eefstijl

For more pictures and information go to the FASHIONCLASH website
Pictures by Peter Stigter

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