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Amit Baruch - designer and art/trend director

Photography: Asaf Einy
Please introduce yourself: 
I am Amit Baruch, a young fashion designer, art / trend director. I graduated in 2011 from "Shenkar, College Of Engineering and Design" with a Bachelor in Fashion Design (BDes.)
Originally from Tel-Aviv, since last year I am living in London where I moved to just over a year ago following a work position in the in the fashion industry, awarded as I graduated with honors.
During my studies, I mostly designed for women, but then I fell in love with the thought of doing menswear and had a change of heart. In addition, I love working with leather, designing bags and accessories.

What inspires you in general? 
In a world of images, I am a storyteller.
I am driven by finding ways to fold elements from my daily life o my design. I have always collected beautiful stories in form of objects, aiming to translate my feelings into my work. Most of my projects begin when capturing images of my environment through ‘self - taken photographs'. I expose my inner world to the observer - like meeting a perfect stranger, wanting to give him a gift in the shape of a beautiful story.
I am a keen researcher, always curious and naturally well into music and the visual arts. With this in my heart, I reflect my cultural knowledge into all I do and create. Very inspired by the visuality of objects, by the human behaviour, the humour in it and above all, good taste.

Where are you based? I am based in London, UK. Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel. It seems that you have a very diverse cultural background. How does this influence your work as a designer? I think it mostly influences when choosing and combining the materials (for me it is always the first step). I always try to examine cultural concepts such as "high art" and "low art", good taste vs. bad taste, original vs. fake etc. Through this, I find the humor that pushes me to move forward. I am particularly fond of 'Ready - Made' goods, rich colors, embroideries, prints and the use of images around us - from the most ordinary ones to the works of art. I'm sure it derives from the diverse cultural background. 

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country? I must say that I find more inspiration from walking in Tel Aviv than in London. Might sound a bit funny, but here is a reason why you find trends in random places: Inspiration is easier to find when you’re not flooded by it.

What place/city do you find inspiring? City: Copenhagen, Denmark. Haifa, Israel. My favorite place to get inspiration is the V&A Childhood museum in London.

Photography: Asaf Einy
Why did you chose to concentrate on menswear?
 I was intending to do women's designs initially! But then I fell in love with the thought of doing menswear. After collecting the fabrics and materials, I looked at my rich, colorful palette and thought it would be an adventure to try and make it a menswear collection. I am truly in love with the field of menswear and sometimes wish I was a men myself. Their wardrobe is much more fun! 

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why? 
Yes, I pretty much adore the work and conceptual creation of the French artist Sophie Calle, as well as her natural curiosity. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy. She imposes elements of her own life onto public places, creating a personal narrative where she is both author and character. Calle redefined - through personal investigation - the terms and parameters of subject/object, the public versus the private and role-playing. For me, one of the greatest sources of inspiration is to examine and being able to fold elements from my daily life into design. With simplicity, with courage, without trying to beautify my own story or the reality. I find Sophie Calle the queen and leading artist in that field - a great inspiration.  

Who is your favorite fashion designer? Henrik Vibskov, Moschino.

What is so far your greatest experience in your 'fashion' career? 
 I arrived in London following a work awarded as I graduate with honours. I have been given accommodations, work and basically a good foot into the fashion industry here in London. During the year, I have been designing in 'Pentland', where many fashion brands are managed and designed from. After a short time spent I became a trend director: I was directing and delivering seasonal product directions to the designers at the brand. That was a super cool first step, and a wonderful adventure. The next one would be that I recently got an offer to join The Royal College of Art in 2013/14, for the MA program! Yay** 

What is on your music list while your making your collection? 
I LOVE music, of many genres. 
It is actually one of my main sources of inspiration. On the go: The books, Hauschka, felix, Apparat, Grouper, Timber Timbre, Gold Panda, Low, My bloody valentine, josephine foster, Diane cluck. 

 What made you smile today? My boyfriend Gabriel. 

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself? 
A beautiful vintage tin non-locking 9 Multi-drawer for my tools and materials. 

What can we expect from you in the future? 
I certainly wish to work with trends and deliver my feeling and insight. My designs will be out there and appreciated. I will take part in exhibitions and work in various art and design fields.  

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