woensdag 30 maart 2016


FASHIONCLASH Festival and SESSIBON have been partners since the very first beginning in 2009.

SESSIBON is a fashion event rebel as well as an all-round, unique, and dynamic project organization with professionals from the sector. We have matured over the years, like a fine single malt whisky, and accumulated a wealth of experience. Our dynamism lies in our ability to develop and organize a variety of fashion shows and events for clients from the national and international retail and fashion industry.

 “We create your fashion event!”

SESSIBON was the product of fresh ideas and bundles of creativity when we put it on the map as a model agency and organizer of national and international fashion shows twenty-five years ago. We have grown to become the ultimate specialist in fashion shows, concept development, and unique events. We take care of everything – and by that we do mean everything – including project management and the technical realisation used during events. This would not be possible without our permanent technical partners and a strong network of professionals from the industry who complement each other perfectly. Having the best people united at the right place means that we can offer our clients nothing less than top-quality services for their brand experience.


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