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Filipe Augusto

Meet Filipe Augusto, born and raised in Peso da Régua, lives in Porto where, starting in 2014, he did his fashion degree at MODATEX – A Professional Training Centre for the Textile, Clothing, Apparel and Wool Industry.
After graduating in October 2016, he starts interning at the fashion house of Portuguese designer, Luís Buchinho. In 2017 he joins the Prinçipal Magazine team as a fashion editorial production assistant.
 In April he won the second place at I-com Global contest. In October 2017, he presented the collection "7 skirts" at Sangue Novo platform, for which he has won participation at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018.
He received an honourable mention, which gave him direct entry in the March 2018 edition of Sangue Novo where he will present his new collection  "Harvests".

In preparation to next edition of ModaLisboa, that will take place from March 8 - 11, our Portuguese correspondant Liliana Pedro sat down with Filipe to find out more about this promising designer.

Q&A with Filipe Augusto 

What’s fashion for you?
I see fashion as two distinctive forms. First, as a product presentation for the consumer. And then, as a way of expression reflecting creativity and the imaginary of an artist.

How does fashion appeared in your life?
Fashion appeared unexpectedly in my life. In fact, my first passion was architecture. But, during my visual arts course, I started doing fashion related work and began to get interest in it. Following this this brand new passion of mine, I decided to study fashion design, a little bit blindly because I didn’t know that much about this industry. As time passed by, I realized that I had skills for fashion design and with strength and dedication I finished the degree course.

Where do you find inspiration? In what I’m feeling at the moment, in what surrounds me in the daily life and in the memories and stories, this is why my clothing has always references to the Portuguese culture.

What’s your top 3 of favorite designers? Craig Green, Raf Simons and MSGM Massimo Georgette.

Can you name a trend you wish that never existed? I would rather put an end on all the trends.

What do you do on a day off? Watch a movie, get some sleep and have quality time with my family and friends.

What’s your favorite movie? "Mommy" by Xavier Dolan.

And your favorite food? Potato gratin.

Which song you never get tired of? "Brother" by Matt Corby

If you had to choose a city to live, which city would you choose? Paris.

What do you love the most in people? The simplicity.

HARVESTS collection
How do you describe your brand? A brand with Portuguese DNA that fuses the feminine and the male silhouette. Seeking for non convencional materials in some pieces, for example tape, my brand shows no boundaries in what concerns to mixing colors.

What challenges do you face during the design process? Time. I’m the one that does all the process of all the collections, since the creation to the prototypes and show pieces development and confection of the clothing.

How did you feel when you knew that you will be attending at FASHIONCLASH Festival? Very happy, out of words, in fact. I wasn’t expecting to be the chosen. It was amazing!

What can we expect from you at the Festival?
 You can expect a collection with a Portuguese theme, funny, with humor, timeless with handmade elements.

New collection HARVESTS
Harvested memories, past and present, that speak of real characters and their strenuous and joyful journey through the traversed Douro. Free spirited, they wear random garments, unwittingly creating their own visual identity, unique and, somewhat, unreal. They become individual beings of a estranged society, apart from a standardized world. Those who harvest what they wring with calloused hands, all of them singular, bring forward secrets and stories of a long gone Douro which, in its impotence to change itself, complies with the colors bestowed upon it by the seasons.


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