dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Fashion Maastricht goes online

Maastricht reveals Fashion Maastricht website and campaign.
FASHIONCLASH designer Linda Friesen was invited to design the campaign dress.

Maastricht is a small pittoresque town worth visiting for many reasons: food, relaxation, craftsmanship, quality, elegance etc. But also for fashion and lifestyle. Last year the city started to develop a policy around fashion, 'Fashion Maastricht'.
The aim is to promote Maastricht as a fashion destination for shopping, a town with emerging creative industry but also where you can discover fashion talent.

FASHIONCLASH, the most important fashion initiative is a major partner in this project, providing international exposure and trendsetting events.

The website features latest fashion news that are happening in Maastricht and around and includes also a section where you can discover Maastricht linked fashion makers. Many of the makers are FASHIONCLASH designers and partners.


Concept / Image: Bureau Caramel / Rob Truijen
Dress Creation: Linda Friesen | Video: Strictua

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