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Award Ceremoy and Screening at FFFF

Ethetics Episode 2: Mdingi Coutts, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe
The Award Ceremony & Screening at FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 

The award ceremony is a celebration of the art of fashion film with a must-see selection of high-profile international fashion films that have been noticed and critically acclaimed. In addition, two brand new local fashion films will be presented. Right after the screening nominees and winners will be announced by the jury.

Meet the jury
Diane Pernet (founder ASVOFF, fashion critic)
Michael Daks (director and photographer)
Richard Dols (filmmaker and director at DocFest)
Leendert Sonnevelt (editor-in-chief Glamcult Magazine)
Marcel Schlutt (editor-in-chief KALTBLUT Magazine)

jury panel

-  Best Emerging Talent, price: € 500
-  Best Dutch Fashion Film, price: Canon EOS 77D
-  Best Film, price: € 1500
-  FASHIONCLASH One-To-Watch price: € 500

Award Ceremony + Screenings (incl. two premieres) 
Date: 4-11-2017
Time: 22:00 – 23:30
Runtime: 00:90:00
Price: €17,50 get your tickets

More information about FFFF: www.fashionclash.nl

Program starts with two premieres, following 11 international must-see fashion film. After the screening the nominees and winners will be announced.

Kill Your Darlings – Maarten van Mulken, directed by Pascal Baillien, 00:05:00, premiere

Fashion is Dead. Maarten van Mulken’s collection is a middle finger against this statement. ‘Kill your Darlings’ is a movie about the life and death of the things you love. It’s a surreal impression of a girl and her fears, her sins, her joy and her hopes. It’s a moment between life and death, where she asks herself why she had to die

Dance a measure, Studio Selvedge & Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht, 00:04:00, premiere

‘Dance a measure’ is een fashion/dans film geïnspireerd op het gedicht van Neil Gaimen, met kleding van ontwerpster Lena Berens en tas van ontwerper Milan Palma.

The 12Project, Hadi Moussally, 00:12:00

The12Project is not only a story about fashion, it’s also about art & passion and the world we live in. The12Project introduces fashion designers’ creation through online videos and editorials. Every month, The12Project discusses a theme. Each one explores its own way to deliver a symbolic and unique message you can discuss. At the end of a 12 months-cycle, the 12 videos will merge to give birth to a new 12-minute movie.

ASMR, models.com, Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas,00:02:49

An absurd and visual ASMR reading of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky by Barbara Palvin.

Breaking Rules, Victor Claramunt, 00:04:20

Rules are necessary for the development of a society, if they did not exist we’d miss the pleasure of breaking them.

Robots, Blitzwerk Studios, 00:05:48

 In a world where human’s faces are brightened out by the light from their smart phones, a man buys an android in order to experience simulated human interaction. After exploring romantic scenarios together, the android finds the man’s smart phone and is instantly attracted to it, becoming like all humans with brightened out faces. She leaves the man alone, who becomes desperate when he realises that his phone is gone. For the first time, he sees his own face. Desperately calling for help in the streets, the crowd starts filming him instead of helping him.

Ethetics Episode 2: Mdingi Coutts, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:03:17

ETHETICS (ethics+aesthetics) is a series exploring and celebrating ethical and socially responsible brands around the world. We’re dedicated to the telling of alluring stories that provoke the eco-conscious and the eco-curious. Episode 2 features a collaboration between Lukhanyo Mdingi & Nicholas Coutts.

Georgetown Optician: “The Eye Ball”, Dean Alexander, 00:02:17

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to the award winning “Our Family Know Glasses” film. It continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician – a true-life Fashion eyewear retailer.

The 3rd Woman, Benjamin Nicolas, 00:01:53

Dive into Oscar Carvallo’s 2017 Haute Couture collection in this underwater experimental fashion film.

Don’t You Know You’re Queen, Arice, 00:03:17

She arose from what in this world represents her the most. She reigns supreme, silently observing a slow, yet endless evolution. A stream of geometries for everyone to decode, along the crowded and lonely path. It is still possible to run away from the hidden gaze. To let the good and the bad go, until a new vision will be revealed through a leap toward an unexplored emptiness.

Bello, Monica Menez, 00:05:10

‘What people do when no one is watching’ – this could easily have been the title of Monica Menez´ new fashion film. “Bello” tells a frivolous and catty story about a classic love triangle, where a housemaid takes revenege on her employer. A film full of bizarre situational comedy and surprising dance elements.

A Hommage to David Bowie in Sound and Vision, Nowness, CANADA, 00:07:34

Catalan director collective CANADA, Sound and Vision is an homage to late pop icon David Bowie.

‘Make Yourself Unstoppable’ Strellson, Wolf & Lamm, 00:03:47

The film communicates Strellson’s desire to inspire men through its authentic fashion to go with their own intuition and not let anything stand in their way. High-end premium suits and a contemporary style strike a chord in this new-generation man, lending him support and composure in every situation.

And the nominees are...

Best Film
- Breaking Rules, Victor Claramunt
- A Hommage to David Bowie in Sound and Vision, CANADA
- Club 99.7, Nina Holmgren
- Butt Muscle Christeene, Matt Lambert
- Don't you know you're a queen, Arice
- Georgetown Optician "The Eye Ball', Dean Alexander

Best Dutch Fashion Film
- iii, Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie-Sophie Beinke
- Gallivant, Bram van Dijk
- Ninety-Four: The Course of War, David Jan Bronsgeest
- Burning Oceans Into Deserts, Emma Westenberg
- Martan, Daan Groot

Best Emerging Talent
- iii, Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie-Sophie Beinke
- Parallel Pyramid Platform, Daniel van Hauten, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck, Emmanuel A. Ryngaert
- Ninety-Four: The Course of War, David Jan Bronsgeest
- Burning Oceans Into Deserts, Emma Westenberg
- #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove, Luca Finiti
- The12Project, Hadi Moussally

Don't miss the award ceremony and see who the winners will be of the first ever FASHIONCLASH Film Festival!

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