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Fashion Films in the Loop

FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festivals (FFFF) presents fashion films in The Loop at Lumière Cinema Maastricht.

MYTH, Manfre & Iker Iturria
The Loop shows an international selection of fashion films from both emerging and established film makers and brands. An eclectic mix that shows the potential and variety of the fashion film as a medium.

The Loop 
Date: 4-11-2017
Time: 13:30 – 18:00
Runtime: 00:47:58
Price: free entrance

More information about FFFF: www.fashionclash.nl

A Model Muse: Gwendoline Christie, Barnaby Roper’s & Iris van Herpen, 03:00

Game of Throne’s Gwendoline Christie finds herself in a dark, digitally rendered alien landscape, entangled in unearthly garments created by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

ANY DAY NOW, Marcro Castro, 03:08

 A World War II bunker by the sea. A post-apocalyptic day in the near future. Only a few survivors, longing to be touched, hankering for love. All they’ve got left is each other and their furs to keep them warm. Others arrive, foreign. The monarch of the tribe demands an exchange of fur. Submitting to peace. A new beginning.

Appolo, Cristian Velasco, 05:00

From the distance, Apollo is bored. Fashion smells asphyxia. For him, we were no longer interesting, until now. Someone has finally woken up from this ordinary world and this captivates his attention. Let’s start the Mission.

MYTH, Manfre & Iker Iturria, 05:34

“Myth” is a revisionist about the myth of the Ten Commandments whose ionic strength mixes the Christian view with the one of the Maya culture.

A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect, IRO Paris, Stephanie Bollag, 01:39

Trapped in an abandoned dungeon, the badass heroine IRO manages to free herself and a band of zombielike misfits from captivity.

Once You Care, Anne Rosenberg, 04:24 

A fashion film with a critical tone in regard to mass consumption, inspired by the graduation collection of Joanne de Hoop.

Petit Pois, Daria Geller 01:36

Somewhere in a dream, Lubov finds herself in bed with another woman. Is she just a reflection of herself, or of a desire she’s never spoken of before?

Locked, Konrad Bak, 03:00

This film presents the art of freezing time, with Poland’s best models. “Locked” is about misunderstandings and tensions existing between different women, about the nuances of feminine beauty, about capturing the mood of the moment.

The Full Moon in Gemini, Harper’s Bazaar Brasil, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:57

This faux film fashion thriller teaser for Harper’s Bazaar Brasil follows Jordon Moon in the season’s top looks from Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Dior, Mui Mui, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel.

Stop Us, SIYYU, This is Felo, Fermin Cimadevilla, 03:58

 By designing a series of geometric shaped mirrors within gorgeous landscapes we have created new abstract realities, producing the sensation of a new perception of space and the human sensuality.

Never Look Back, Gökhan Talay, Rohat Türk, 01:00

A fashion film made by Gökhan Talay Brand. Een modefilm gemaakt door Gökhan Talay Brand.

CRY OF THE CITY, Boldizsar CR, 02:50

COTC is a moral story about young people’s challenges when following their dreams in the Big City. Facing alienation and financial hardships often can lead to bad decisions in life. In this film, we dramatized all these issues through fashion, filming methods, music and by using a wonderful dialog between copper and criminal. A particular conversation taken from Cry of the City, a true masterpiece of the 40’s.

CitycenterDC: “District of Joy”, Dean Alexander, 01:57

The idea was whether you are high-end fashion shopping or sipping red wine – everything is more delightful, more delicious and more joyful at CityCenterDC.

WOODEN IT BE NICE, Almut Pumpleun, 04:40

Inspired by the designer Christina Albrecht, the fashion film is about an assembly of characters that share the fetish of wanting to become furniture, depicting what values we attach to the objects we surround ourselves with and how this relationship can be a deeply personal one.

Rosegold, Vogue Brasil, Jam Patel, 01:40

Fashion Beauty film for Vogue Brazil starring the gorgeous Gem Refoufi and Andres Velencoso.

Asteroids, Wu ‘Brute Sea’ Hao-Wei, 02:10

The video is a subliminal conversation that correlating the jewels with cosmic asteroids via an enigmatic sensation they shared, and this presence taking place in Grand Palais is documented in a film.

Girls Skate Christian Siriano, Sophia Banks, 01:25

Today women celebrate that they can be badass and taken seriously, whilst also being women, and recognized for their beauty as women.

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