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Fashion Makes Sense Fashion Film

Dressed for Protest: The Women’s March and Beyond, Glamour Magazine
by Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe
FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival presents Fashion Makes Sense Fashion Films

A selection of short fashion films and documentaries that are showing that fashion can make sense.

FASHIONCLASH strongly believes that the art of fashion can stimulate critical debate about controversial issues in our society. Fashion film as a medium is an incredible discipline to tell stories, to address controversial issues, to create a dialogue and connect disciplines.

Fashion Makes Sense Fashion Films
Date: 4-11-2017
Time: 20:30 – 21:30
Runtime: 00:50:42
Price: €9,00 get your tickets

#WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove Nike / R.T, Luca Finotti, 00:02:20

The idea behind this film is to bring together Riccardo Tisci and Nike’s worlds. Taking inspiration from Tisci’s statement “I believe in the power of love”, Finotti aims to underline that we are all believers. Based on this, the video celebrates inclusion and love with a wide range of models and aesthetics to show how our differences are something that bind and bring us together, not set us apart.

Dressed for Protest: The Women’s March and Beyond, Glamour Magazine, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:17:31

“Dressed For Protest: The Women’s March and Beyond” is a short documentary which explores the aesthetics and politics of how fashion is used in protest. It is made in association with The Women’s March on Washington – NYC Chapter and Glamour Magazine.

Age Appropriate: Club 99.7, Nina Holmgren, 00:02:52

Club 99.7 is Nina Holmgren’s (Danish artist and director) tribute to old age, and in particular, her poet grandfather.

EXODUS 20, Elena Korzhaeva,

A young woman finds an old newspaper of the year 1927 in the book while dusting the book case. From this newspaper, she finds out that her great-grandfather, the hero of the Great Patriotic War, never fought for fellow troops. In 1920-30s he was the head of the concentration camp at Solovki. He killed thousands of prisoners in the Sandormokh area of Karelia forests at Kemi town. In order to find out the terrible truth, Mara and her little daughter Sofia go to Solovki.

Bowie’s Berlin, Matt Lambert, 00:03:32

Matt Lambert’s work is all about the power and intimacy of sexuality, the thrill of being an outsider and the questioning of identity. All of these themes could coalesce in the work of one man; David Bowie.

SINGULAR – Anna Bonny, Chloé Wallace, 00:02:54

There is beauty in every battle scar, and there is bravery in embracing them. Chloé Wallace directs a poetic portrait of strength and femininity for Anna Bonny, celebrating the singular indulgence of the brand’s post-mastectomy breast patch concept.

Butt Muscle – Christeene, Matt Lambert, 00: 03:15

 BUTT MUSCLE, the 9th instalment of the CHRISTEENE Video collection, is the first single off the highly anticipated second wave of CHRISTEENE. Injecting sexualized sub sounds layered with heat sinking harmonies, BUTT MUSCLE serves up a surreal soundscape from the artist that guarantees a richness of texture and maturity of stank from the upcoming collection.

Ethetics Episode 1: AKJP, Amber Moelter at Noir Tribe, 00:04:18

ETHETICS (ethics+aesthetics) is a series exploring and celebrating ethical and socially responsible brands around the world. We’re dedicated to the telling of alluring stories that provoke the eco-conscious and the eco-curious.

Fashion Makes Sense, FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017, Olivier Ronot Only Fashion Network, 00:05:00

Short documentary and behind the scenes of Fashion Makes Sense, the 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival.

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